Deflecto Caddy Compartment Organizer (Small)

SKU: DE29101

• Suitable for all kinds of project works
• Acid and toxic free
• Designed for easy usage

Deflecto Caddy Compartment Organizer (Small)

• Large Storage Compartment can be used as a stand-alone storage container, or in conjunction with the Caddy Organiser - Product code DE29004 
• Small, Medium or Large compartments can be purchased separately for mix & match option

Storage Caddy

An incredibly versatile system for all your storage needs. Perfect for all craft and hobby activities and can be personalised with additional containers. Multiple caddies can be stacked to expand the storage. Containers are made from durable transparent plastic so everything is easy to find at a glance. The removable and interchangeable containers make this an amazingly versatile system.

In Stock

Product Code: DE29101 
Product Name: Deflecto Caddy Compartment Organizer (Small) 
Brand: Deflecto 

Barcode: 07991601727 
Weight: 120 grams 
Dimensions: 110mm x 105mm x 110mm 

Shipping Weight: 122 grams 
Shipping Dimensions: 110mm x 105mm x 110mm

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