Minitool 32800 Engraving Pen

SKU: MT320800

• Must be used with transformer
• Lightweight pen-like design
• Comfortable handling
• Fast rotary action
• Effective engraving in glass and ceramics
• Used for non-ferrous metals, hard wood or stone
• Fitted with slide switch and push in/pull out shaft holder

Minitool 32800 Engraving Pen

The perfect tool for artwork and safety engraving on metal, plastic, wood, glass and minerals.


• Lightweight, pin-shaped design for comfortable handling
• Sliding switch and a tool holder (for easy insertion and removal of the pins) facilitate operation
• High rotation speed for easy engraving in glass, ceramics, metal, wood or stone
• Recommended transformers: Minitool 32904 or 32905

Accessories of Engraving Pen

32802, 32803, 32804, 32805, 32806, 32807, 32812, 32813, 32909, 32910, 32921, 32922

Technical data

• Weight: 60g
• Operating voltage: 12V DC
• Rotation speed: 3000-25000/min
• Shaft adapter: D 2,35mm

Included in delivery
• 1 engraving bit, diamond coated


Made in Germany, this high-quality range of mini tools answers all the needs of the keen hobbyist and model maker.
For over 30 years, Minitool 12 volt tools have answered the specific needs of anyone interested in miniature precision. They enjoy a high reputation in Europe, USA and Canada. All tools are 12 volt and therefore small and well balanced, and have ample power for tasks in hand.

In Stock

Product Code: MT320800
Product Name: Minitool 32800 Engraving Pen
Brand: Minitool

Barcode: 4001510328000
Weight: 60 grams
Dimensions: 220mm x 190mm x 80mm

Shipping Weight: 207 grams

Shipping Dimensions: 220mm x 190mm x 80mm

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