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Maun Safety Metric/Imperial Rule (12in)


• Unique M profile keeps the fingers well away from any knife edge
• The rule is stainless steel to give a long corrosion free life
• Ideal for hobby work and craft work in the educational field
• Metric and imperial scales
• Size: 300mm (12in)

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Maun Safety Metric/Imperial Rule (12in)

300mm long Imperial rule with metric only scale

The safety rules have a unique 'M' profile which keeps the fingers well away from any knife edge when used for cutting or scoring card, etc. and can be used in all your hobby and craft needs and also suitable within an educational environment.

Manufactured from stainless steel to give a long and corrosion free life.

Maun Pliers & Cutters

The compound lever action of these pliers gives considerable mechanical advantage in both cutting and gripping operations. Anti-rust finish with bright nickel plated handles and fully treated chemically blacked jaws. In the case of the pliers, jaws open and close parallel along their entire length, giving a square vice-like grip. This is especially useful when the pressure exerted should be applied with exactly opposite force without slippage.


Product Code: RU1774
Product Name: Maun Safety Metric/Imperial Rule (12in)
Brand: Maun

Weight: 108 grams
Dimensions: 308mm x 38mm x 12mm

Shipping Weight: 108 grams
Shipping Dimensions: 308mm x 38mm x 12mm

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