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High Quality 4-in-1 Zona Saw Set

High Quality 4-in-1 Zona Saw Set

High Quality 4-in-1 Zona Saw Set
High Quality 4-in-1 Zona Saw Set

Zona is the world’s leading manufacturer of razor saws in the hobby industry.

Ideal for model making, dolls houses & miniatures, picture frames, wood working & small precision DIY tasks!

High Quality 4-in-1 Zona Saw Set (PSA35/140)

Keyhole 24 tpi
• .022” x 21/4” x n/a
• .558mm x 5.7cm

Large Saber 24 tpi
• .022” x 41/4” x n/a
• .558mm x 11.4cm

Ultra Thin Kerf 52 tpi
• .008” x 41/2” x 7/16”
• .203mm x 11.4cm x 1.1cm

Fine Kerf 32 tpi
• .010” x 51/2” x 13/16”
• .254mm x 13.9cm x 3cm

Multi-purpose High Quality 4-in-1 Zona Saw Set includes:

one 32 tpi razor saw blade for cutting wood, one 52 tpi razor saw blade for cutting metal and plastic, two 24 tpi saber saw blades for curved cuts in wood (1 regular and 1 push-style keyhole type), and one finely finished 4 inch long wood handle with wing nut and screw for attaching blades (order extra blades separately).

About Zona

Zona Tool Company manufactures a full line of quality Razor Saws for modellers, craftsmen, woodworkers, and “do-it-yourselfers”.

Zona’s Razor Saws have polished wooden handles, steel backs and sharp blades for making straight, accurate cuts with smooth edges in wood, plastic and metal.
Zona’s metal or plastic mitre boxes work with different size razor saws for cutting square ends, perfect splices and mitred corners.

Zona Saws are the standard to which all other razor saws are compared. These high quality, versatile US-made saws are suited for a wide range of applications: precision mitering of wood joints; construction of model structures, dollhouses, railroads, airplanes, ships and cars; flush cutting dowels and pegs, plastic modeling, and so much more.



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