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StyroSten, the dummy making and stencil cutting miracle tool

How many times have you needed a bespoke polystyrene dummy? You either have to pay through the nose to get it made for you, or you take a knife to a regular dummy. In which case you can guarantee you’re going to end up with those annoying static balls floating around the kitchen for days, hiding under the fridge and sticking in your hair.

To ease your polystyrene pain and make creating a carefree pleasure once more we bring you…

Foam Cutter (2)The StyroSten!Cassie Brown Approved

The ulitmate tool to speed up your cake decorating process.

Need a bespoke stencil? StyroSten does it !

Need 3D lightweight cake toppers? StyroSten does it !!

Need an unusual shaped cake dummy? StyroSten does it !!!

Need to insert flower stems into a seperator? StyroSten does it !!!!

This battery operated easy to use tool is one of those things you will wish we had found for you years ago!

Effortless to use and so easy to manoeuver you wont want to put it down, this little tool will keep you crafting all day long.


Ready to go in an instant, the hot wire cuts though polystyrene leaving no mess,

the cut is clean and precise just like a hot knife through butter.


For internal cut outs on numbers, or to create hollows and 3D effects the hot knife is the one to use.

Its fine tubular ‘blade’ has no sharp edges yet cuts in any direction .

Stencil Cutter

And finally the stencil burner, which can be used with our food grade stencil sheets, will make light work of creating

unique stencils for cake decorating, card making, scrapbooking and much more.

This must have addition to your kit bag is small and easy to store, and comes with 2 replacement wires.  You will find yourself using this for all kinds of cake designs, not to mention household decorations, creative hobbies, the kids homework ……

_MG_3922 (3)See the full tutorial of how to make this amazing Summer surf cake in the June edition of Cake Decoration & Sugarcraft magazine

Published by: Emma Burrows

Enthusiastic and extremely talented Cake Decoration and Sugarcraft Specialist. Emma's creativity and imaginative flair is what makes Shesto demonstrations and tutorials stand out from everyone else.

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