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Composi-Mold Food Contact Mould Making for Cake Decorating

ComposiMold-Food Contact Mold Making for Chocolates, Fondants, Gum Paste and More!

Composi-Mold Food Contact Mould Making for Chocolates, Fondants, Gum Paste and More!

We know that not everyone who uses ComposiMold uses it for cake decorating, but maybe they should!
Look at these amazing edible creations, made with ComposiMold-FC!

Food Contact Mould Making

Nichole Stiglich, of Nichole Stiglich Cake Design, created this awesome cake, using ComposiMold-FC to mould and cast all the edible tools!  Can you get over the craftsmanship here?! She’s amazing.

Food Contact Mould Making
Daniella Da Silva, founder of Chicky Treats Blog, has a background in studio arts. You can tell in her cake decorating style that she is an artist through and through. This chocolate skull was her first attempt at mould making with ComposiMold. Oh, you can’t tell which is the chocolate one?! Exactly.




Food Contact Mould Making


Amy Beck, of Amy Beck Cake Design, is a businesswoman, a philanthropist, and one heck of a cake designer!
We’re so proud that she’s started using ComposiMold for her masterpieces!
The golden, fondant, details on this gorgeous cake were all casted from a ComposiMold mould.



Food Contact Mould Making
We loved reading this mom’s blog and seeing all her “cool” ideas for this Frozen themed birthday party for her girls.
She did what any good mould maker would do, and chopped the arms off an already broken children’s toy to make a ComposiMold bust mould. This little guy never looked better. I mean, chocolate looks good on him!




Food Contact Mould Making
You do know that cookies are the new cupcake, right? Oh yeah, they are! Amy at Curliecue Bakery will attest to this, I’m sure.
She’s created her entire business on custom cookie decorations and she’s amazing!
She’s all about the details like these little truck tires made in a ComposiMold.




Food Contact Mould Making


Joly Diaz, of Viva La Cake, blew us away with this edible masterpiece. It’s not only a stunner of a cake…it has moving parts! And you’ll love how ComposiMold saved the day during the building of this art piece.

As Joly was about to make her chocolate horses from a pre-made mould (Gasp!!!) she realised that the mould faced the opposite direction than the direction that the carousel moved. That was not going to work! So she whipped out her ComposiMold and poured it over a toy horse that faced the correct direction. Crisis averted!

What a great example of the benefit of having a re-usable mould making material on hand!




Composi-Mold Food Contact Mould Making for Chocolates, Fondants, Gum Paste and More!

ComposiMold-FC is a 100% reusable mould making material for chocolate, fondants, and gum paste castings. It’s a flexible, rubber moulding material that works by melting and pouring. When you are ready to make your own moulds that are unique. Many casts can be made using the same mould. ComposiMold-FC is good for the mould maker and confectionery artist because it can be reused to make different moulds without worrying about wasting mould making material.

  • REMELTABLE food moulds
  • REUSABLE Over 35 Times!



Make your own moulds for many different casting materials such as chocolate moulds, fondant moulds, gum paste, gummy recipes (chill your mould first), no rise cookie shapes (sugar cookies!) and more! (We are still experimenting with hot sugars, like Isomalt. So far it works with simple moulds by freezing the mould first.) ComposiMold-Food Contact conforms to ASTM D4236, Safe as an art material.

With thanks to Composi-Mold for giving us permission to share this article.


Published by: Emma Burrows

Enthusiastic and extremely talented Cake Decoration and Sugarcraft Specialist. Emma's creativity and imaginative flair is what makes Shesto demonstrations and tutorials stand out from everyone else.

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