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7 Reasons Why You Can’t Live Without These Magic Colours

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Cake decorating is an art, and every artist needs great materials right?

Can you imagine the Mona Lisa drawn in chalk? Or the Sistine Chapel ceiling in watercolour??  Um … No.

Ok, so a cake isn’t quite a chapel, but it is the centre of attention as everyone sings ‘happy birthday’ or as the newly weds make the first cut on the big day.

It will be talked about by guests and undoubtedly immortalised on Facebook or Instagram for all of the time.  Of course, you want to use the best product available, and lucky for you we have it.

What makes them so magic?? I hear you ask, why can’t I live without these colours??  Read on Cake Creator… read on.


 7 Reasons Why You Can’t Live Without These Magic Colours


1 Baking

So you want to make a Unicorn cake with pink and green fluffy sponge?  We’ve got it covered – just a few drops of our oven lovin’ colours and your sponge is a practically perfect rainbow.

Check out the super scary sponge in our Grumpy Pumpkin Piñata Cake!



2 Piping

If creating cute sugar cookies is more your thing, you’ll want to know that our colours won’t affect the texture, and only a couple of drops will give you that vivid colour you want, even with red!

Watch this video to see just how easy our colours mix into royal icing.


3 Painting

Paint your cake pretty without the need to dilute. Create stained glass windows, portraits and poses in a snap.

Click on the image for the full tutorial on these Painted Hydrangea Cupcakes

Painted _Hydrangea_Cupcakes_Shesto

4 Buttercream

If you are fed up of using half a pot to get the colour you need in your buttercream – you’re not using our colours. No cocktail sticks. No splitting. No stress.  And all that with just a few drops! :)

A stripe of colour painted on the inside of your piping bag makes a magnificent 2 tone effect.


5 Sugar

Shake up your sprinkles store cupboard and make your own coloured sugar with our colours.

Check out this neat video tutorial to see how


6 Icing

When you colour white icing you need a colour that packs a punch. Like it or not white icing contains whitener, and your colourant needs some muscles to beat it.

Fortunately, it’s no match for our professional concentrated pigment, the smooth strong gel packs a punch. Just look at the range of colours!

Magic Colours colour chart

7 The Professionals

Don’t take our word for it, here are just some of the fabulously talented international artists that choose Magic colours!


Don’t delay, order yours today – Click the image below to start shopping!




Published by: Emma Burrows

Enthusiastic and extremely talented Cake Decoration and Sugarcraft Specialist. Emma's creativity and imaginative flair is what makes Shesto demonstrations and tutorials stand out from everyone else.

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