Cakecraft 3D Boxes Stencil

SKU: CC7511

• Suitable for all skill levels
• Food Safe
• Easy to clean - wash with warm soapy water
Suitable for:
• Royal icing
• Airbrushing
• Dusting
• Embossing

Cakecraft 3D Boxes Stencil

Create an amazing 3D effect on a flat cake simply and precisely with the 3D boxes stencil. Simply stencil the pattern on lightly, then wipe excess colour off the stencil turn it over and repeat with a darker shade.


Stencils have a variety of uses in cake decorating and can add stunning simple or intricate designs to any size of cake. Many stencils have several elements to a design allowing them to be used whole, or in part to create a bespoke design. They can be used with many mediums including Royal icing, lustre dusts and airbrush paint making them the perfect addition to the decorating kit of a beginner or professional.

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Product Code: CC7511
Product Name: Cakecraft 3D Boxes Stencil
Brand: Cakecraft

Barcode: 5060252027458
Weight: 12 grams
Dimensions: 348mm x 152mm x 1mm

Shipping Weight: 15 grams
Shipping Dimensions: 348mm x 152mm x 1mm

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