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Composi-Mold Bubble Buster 4fl oz (113ml)


• Our solution to reduce bubble formation

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Composi-Mold Bubble Buster 4 fl oz (113ml)

Our solution to reduce bubble formation when making your molds.

Reduce Bubble Formation by Reducing Surface Tension. Bubble Buster is a PVA mixture that reduces bubble formation when making your mould. It works by reducing the surface tension so the bubbles rise up and away from the mould surface.

To use

Liberally spray your original part with Bubble Buster after applying a mould release. Pour ComposiMold over your original part to make your mould. Bubble Buster is not intended for use in your mould for the casting process or for edible casting materials.

ReMelt to Reuse! Reusable Mould Making Material. Composi-Mold is a 100% Re-Usable Mould Making Material that allows you to duplicate almost any object. The moulds and castings you create are only limited by your imagination.1 Part, eco-friendly mould making material. Make moulds of almost anything. Unlike silicone moulds or other rubber moulds, Composi-Mold moulds are re-meltable and reusable. Make unique reusable moulds without the worry of making mistakes.


Product Code: CMBB06
Product Name: Composi-Mold Bubble Buster 4 fl oz (113ml)
Brand: Composi-Mold

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