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Shesto Ultrasonic Cleaner Tank - 6 Litres


• Removes dirt, grease, corrosion
• For cleaning PCB & Mechanical Parts
• 4 different cleaning modes
• Goes up to 80 degrees on dial
• When the liquid is sitting still it can hit up to 85 degrees.
• General temperature is 40 degrees
• Enhanced cleaning is 40 – 60 degrees

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Shesto Ultrasonic Cleaner Tank - 6 Litres

Available in 2, 3, 6, 9 & 27 litres tanks. Removes Dirt, Grease, Corrosion - Used for cleaning Electronic & Mechanical parts. Tank, lid and housing made from stainless steel. Comprehensive manual included.

All Shesto Tanks include Stainless Steel basket and both UK & EU plugs.

Four Different Cleaning Modes

Degas mode - Removes air after solution change, providing maximum cleaning effectiveness

Delicate mode - Runs at half power providing a less aggressive cleaning action for fragile items

Full-power mode - Powerful deep clean that will cleanse heavily contaminated items

Temperature and Timing mode - Allows the user to set both the fluid temperature and duration of the cleaning cycle

Full Repair Service

We offer a full repair service both inside and outside of the 1 year return to base warranty period. Our team of Electronic Engineers have many years' experience in Ultrasonic cleaner systems, capable of repairing units to component level.

*Drainage taps only available on 6 litres tanks and above

Ultrasonic Cleaning
Ultrasonic Cleaning is a unique phenomenon. Millions of tiny bubbles are created when ultrasonic sound is passed through liquid. It is these tiny bubbles combined with a huge pressure that creates incredible cleaning results. This method of cleaning is particularly suited to cleaning otherwise difficult items such as instruments, tools, clock parts, airbrushes, printer heads, motors, burner jets - the list is endless.


Product Code: UT8061/EUK
Product Name: Shesto Ultrasonic Cleaner Tank - 6 Litres
Brand: Shesto

Barcode: 1007162200209
Weight: 6570 grams
Dimensions: 310mm x 400mm x 170mm

Shipping Weight: 7573 grams
Shipping Dimensions: 390mm x 420mm x 280mm

Part Number: UT8061/EUK
Product: 6L Ultrasonic Cleaner
Tank Size (L): 6
Frequency (KHz): 40
Heating Power (Watts): 300
Tank Dimensions, Bath Lip (MM): 300x153x150
Tank Dimensions, Bath Base (MM): 275x130


Ultrasonic Cleaner User Manual

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