Jeweltool Side Cutters (110mm)

SKU: JPL7341

• Essential jewellery toolbox item
• Cuts wire in a wide range of thicknesses
• Ideal for wirework & beading
• Easy to use and comfortable to handle

Jeweltool Side Cutters

These slim profile, fine cutters are ideal for delicate assembly work in modelmaking, electronic and jewellery applications. They feature box joint construction for maximum strength and accuracy, jaws and points that are perfectly aligned, and comfortable grips with spring openings. 
Using the Jewel Tool Mini Diagonal Cutting Pliers you can cut even the most intricate of wires with ease. These pliers will provide you with the utmost accuracy when cutting wire, metal, chains and much more. The semi flush cutting edges are perfect for cutting precisely and the comfortable grip ensures maximum stability.

Features and benefits:

• Cuts wire in a wide range of thicknesses
• Ideal for wirework, beading and basic silversmithing
• Easy to use and comfortable to handle
• Slim profile
• Ideal for delicate jobs

Approx. Dimensions: Length – 110mm (4.3 Inches) 

JPL7341 Side Cutters 
Length 110mm 

JPL7342 Bent Nose Pliers 
Length 115mm

JPL7343 Round Nose Pliers 
Length 120mm

JPL7344 Flat Nose Pliers 
Length 120mm

JPL7345 Chain Nose Pliers 
Length 115mm

Jeweltool used and approved by Jessica Rose

Jessica Rose is the award-winning founder of the London Jewellery School, one of the world's largest jewellery training centres, where over 9,000 people have learnt to make jewellery. The school runs 100s of fun and professional classes every year from its base in London, UK, as well as distance learning courses. For details see Jessica and her team aim to bring the fun and creativity of jewellery making to as many people as possible and love these tools that help beginners through to professional jewellers make beautiful jewellery.

In Stock

Product Code: JPL7341 
Product Name: Jeweltool Side Cutters
Brand: Jeweltool 

Barcode: 5060030665582 
Weight: 52 grams 
Dimensions: 110mm x 70mm x 10mm 

Shipping Weight: 76 grams 
Shipping Dimensions: 230mm x 70mm x 16mm

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