Xuron Vertical Track Cutter

SKU: XPL2175/M

• Original Micro-Shear® flush cutter
• Awarded US Patent 3774301
• Unique Micro-Shear® blade by pass cutting method
• Mid-range cutter from Xuron

Xuron Vertical Track Cutter

A Xuron® Track Cutter specifically designed for vertical cutting of model railroad track that has been secured to the roadbed as well as Markin® brand C Track. 
Like our original Model 2175B Track Cutter, this tool has hand grips that are sized to provide optimum leverage and control. 
For use with model railroad track HO scale and smaller. Not recommended for cutting hard wire or nichrome wire.

Project type: Model Railroading

Wire size: 30, 12


• Model Railroad Track - Ho, Z & N Gauge
• Copper Wire


Founded in 1971, Xuron Corp. is one of the world's leading manufacturers of ergonomic, electronics-grade hand tools for the electronics, aerospace, plastic moulding, wire processing, hobby, craft, jewellery and fishing industries.

Xuron Corp. is the original inventor, and patent holder, of the Micro-Shear® blade by-pass cutting technology used on all Xuron® brand cutters.

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Product Code: XPL2175/M
Product Name: Xuron Vertical Track Cutter
Brand: Xuron

Barcode: 615265901377
Weight: 83 grams
Dimensions: 143mm x 53mm x 13mm

Shipping Weight: 97 grams
Shipping Dimensions: 210mm x 85mm x 20mm

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