Foredom H.8D Handpiece, Duplex General Purpose


• H.8 with duplex spring for added flexibility
• Slim collet type handpiece
• With pre-lubricated ball bearings
• Chuck guard that slides back when changing burs

Foredom H.8D Handpiece, Duplex General Purpose

The H.8D has the same specs as the H.8, except includes a duplex spring for added flexibility. It is a slim collet type handpiece with pre-lubricated ball bearings that require no maintenance. It has a chuck guard that slides back when changing burs. Comes with 3/32" (installed) and 1/8" collets and chuck wrenches for changing collets and accessories.
Duplex springs are subject to breakage and are NOT covered by warranty. They are made of special steel, double wound tubular construction with a protective flexible spring cover. Replacement springs (HP76) are available and can be installed by the user. We recommend that only experienced users of flex shaft tools consider purchasing this style handpiece. For most users, the "straight" handpiece (H.8) is the preferable solution.
9-3/8" long, 5/8" dia., wt. 5.2 oz., ship wt. 7.35 oz.

Member of the Foredom system of "Interchangeable Handpieces"


Foredom is the leading manufacturer of flexible shaft rotary power tools in the world. From its flagship line of flexible shaft machines, to specialized motors, hand pieces, attachments, and accessories, Foredom tools set the standard for quality, power and performance. Foredom flex shafts hang from the benches of professional jewellers around the world. While their use in jewellery manufacturing is well known, Foredom flex shafts and other products including compact bench lathes, micro motors, and drill presses are commonly used by machine shop operators, custom fabricators, dental lab technicians, conservators, woodcarvers, artisans and hobbyists.

In Stock

Product Code: FD/H8D
Product Name: Foredom H.8D Handpiece, Duplex General Purpose
Brand: Foredom

Barcode: 098666715222
Weight: 185 grams
Dimensions: 238mm x 16mm x 16mm

Shipping Weight: 211 grams
Shipping Dimensions: 270mm x 30mm x 30mm

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