Jeweltool Reverse Action Tweezers Curved Tip/Fibre Grip (160mm)

SKU: JTW1128

• For holding small parts & components in position
• Fibre grips protect from heat travel in tweezers
• 160mm, Reverse action for holding items hands free

Jeweltool Reverse Action Tweezers Curved Tip/Fibre Grip (160mm)

These curved reverse action tweezers are ideal for reaching into awkward places and holding small parts in position whilst soldering. The fibre grips stop heat from travelling up into your fingers. The 160mm length ensures that you have enough of a working distance and the reverse action means that you even hold items hands free.

Jeweltool used and approved by Jessica Rose

Jessica Rose is the award-winning founder of the London Jewellery School, one of the world's largest jewellery training centres, where over 9,000 people have learnt to make jewellery. The school runs 100s of fun and professional classes every year from its base in London, UK, as well as distance learning courses. For details see Jessica and her team aim to bring the fun and creativity of jewellery making to as many people as possible and love these tools that help beginners through to professional jewellers make beautiful jewellery.

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Product Code: JTW1128
Product Name: Jeweltool Reverse Action Tweezers Curved Tip/Fibre Grip (160mm)
Brand: Jeweltool

Barcode: 5060030660433
Weight: 25 grams
Dimensions: 165mm x 20mm x 15mm

Shipping Weight: 47 grams
Shipping Dimensions: 230mm x 70mm x 16mm

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