Modelcraft Glass Fibre Detail Pencil (2mm)

SKU: PBU2138

• Clutch-pen action
• For derusting, deburring and cleaning metals, plastics & wood
• Ideal for accurate and rapid cleaning and surface preparation

Modelcraft Glass Fibre Detail Pencil (2mm)

The abrasive glass fibre pencil is ideal for accurate and rapid cleaning, de-rusting and surface preparation on a variety of materials. The clutch pencil action exposes more or less of the glass fibres. The shorter the fibres showing, the more abrasive the action. 

Glass Fibre Abrasives

The Modelcraft Collection includes a selection Glass Fibre Abraders, from precise 2mm & 4mm pencils to a 10mm brush for larger areas. These excellent tools are great for cleaning & de-rusting, deburring, polishing & burnishing, surface preparation, erasing & removing.

The SHESTO Modelcraft

The SHESTO Modelcraft Collection is a comprehensive range of useful, often hard to find precision hand tools and accessories essential for any toolbox. The range of Model Craft tools covers many applications where detail, precision and close up control are needed, such as: model making, general hobby & craft, electronics & light engineering, renovation & restoration, jewellery making, as well as smaller DIY and household repairs.

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Product Code: PBU2138         
Product Name:  Modelcraft Glass Fibre Detail Pencil (2mm)
Brand: Modelcraft

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