Policraft Aluminium Oxide (Fine)

SKU: PC2206

Policraft Aluminium Oxide

For de-nibbing soft and hardwood and matt finish on stainless steel and other metals.

Heavy Duty Buffs

This range of buffs is designed especially for professional work where prolonged use is required. The range covers all the necessary types, from first stage to final high gloss finish. All are fitted with traditional leather centres for use with tapered spindles.

Sisal Buffs: Heavy cutting for pre-polishing stage.

Aluminium Oxide Buffs: For preparatory work on wood, and matt/satin finishing on metals.

B - Medium/Hard: Good cutting buff for non-ferrous metals. Flexible

G - Medium/Fine: General purpose finishing buff with finishing compounds. Good for rougeing where little cut is required.


The simple way to produce a professional high-quality finish on most materials. Buffing is one of the best ways to restore the original appearance to many varied materials. The techniques used extensively by industry to bring products to a professional finish are often closely guarded secrets. Now anyone can master these processes and end up with professional result using the Poli Craft range of products.

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Product Code: PC2206
Product Name: Policraft 6" Aluminium Oxide (Fine)
Barcode: 5060030661614
Weight: 122 grams
Dimensions: 150mm x 35mm
Shipping Weight: 136 grams
Shipping Dimensions: 180mm x 150mm x 35mm

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