Modelcraft Precision Syringe (1ml) x 3

SKU: POL1001/3

• General purpose syringes
• Ideal for liquid application in hard to reach areas
• Multitude of uses

Modelcraft Precision Syringe (1ml) x 3

These general purpose syringes are ideal for liquid application in hard to reach areas and accurate dispensing of colours, glues and greases.

POL1012/C: 12ml Curved Syringe Including tip (pack of 1)
POL1005/3: 5ml syringes (pack of 3)
P0L1001/3: 1ml Syringes (pack of 3)

Syringes & Droppers

The Modelcraft Collection includes a selection of syringes, with different shapes and sizes, designed for accurate dispensing of liquids, glues and greases. Ideally suited to file service use, they store easily in the toolkit. The range includes the following syringes: 12ml curved nozzle syringe for a multitude of uses;5ml syringes ideal for the application of larger quantities; 1ml syringe for small liquid quantities and the set of 4 dropper bottles. 

The SHESTO Modelcraft Collection

The SHESTO Modelcraft collection is a comprehensive range of useful, often hard to find precision hand tools and accessories essential for any toolbox. The range of Modelcraft tools covers many applications where detail, precision and close up control are needed, such as: model making, general hobby & craft, electronics & light engineering, renovation & restoration, jewellery making, as well as smaller DIY and household repairs.

In Stock

Product Code: POL1001/3
Product Name: Modelcraft Precision Syringe (1ml) x 3
Brand: Modelcraft

Barcode: 5060030660556
Weight: 4 grams
Dimensions: 230mm x 70mm x 16mm

Shipping Weight: 28 grams
Shipping Dimensions: 230mm x 70mm x 16mm

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