Soldercraft 25w Soldering Iron Kit

SKU: SC1025/LF

• 240v - 50Hz, 25w soldering iron with 1.2m cable
• includes:
- straight & bent soldering tips
- tube of lead-free solder
- tweezers
- stand
- sponge

Soldercraft 25w Soldering Iron Kit

240v - 50Hz, 25w soldering iron kit has everything to get you started with your soldering projects. It contains a metal stand, sponge, tweezers, straight and bent soldering tip and a tube of lead-free solder. Perfectly fuse your metal projects together with this fast heating tool. Wet the sponge to clean the corrosion on the tip of the iron after (Note: a dry sponge will damage the tip). For modelling, electronics, jewellery, hobby and smaller DIY tasks.

Soldercraft Irons

The Soldercraft corded iron is intended for direct connection to mains voltage (22-240v) and features a sturdy heater unit. Each iron is fitted with a high-performance bit. whether you are looking for a soldering iron or tools, the Soldercraft range will have the perfect tool for you. Ideal for craft, hobby, jewellery and electronics use.


Soldering is an easy and inexpensive method of joining light articles made from steel, copper or brass and securing wires made from these materials. Whether you are looking for a traditional electric soldering iron, a battery operated unit, or even a gas powered cordless iron – you will find a suitable tool for the job in the Solder Craft range. Also featured, a selection of excellent Pyrography tools ideal for making and decorating wood and leathers.

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Product Code: SC1025/LF
Product Name: Soldercraft 25w Soldering Iron Kit
Brand: Soldercaft 

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