Soldercraft Pyrography Iron + 6 Bits

SKU: SL2030

• Pyrography Iron 220-240V / 50-60 Hz
• Power 30W
• 6 externally heated tips for varying line shapes
• Iron stand
• Operating manual

Soldercraft Pyrography Iron + 6 Bits

This pyrography iron is the perfect tool to have as it includes 6 various heated tops for varying line shapes.


Pyrography means 'writing with fire' and is the traditional art of using a heated tip or wire to burn or scorch designs onto natural materials such as wood or leather. Burning can be done by means of modern solid point tool (similar to soldering iron).


Soldering is an easy and inexpensive method of joining light articles made from steel, copper or brass and securing wires made from these materials. Whether you are looking for a traditional electric soldering iron, a battery operated unit, or even a gas powered cordless iron – you will find a suitable tool for the job in the Soldercraft range. Also featured, a selection of excellent Pyrography tools ideal for making and decorating wood and leathers.

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Product Code: SL2030
Product Name: Soldercraft Pyrography Iron + 6 Bits
Brand: Soldercraft

Barcode: 5060030663427
Weight: 221 grams
Dimensions: 340mm x 75mm x 40mm

Shipping Weight: 273 grams
Shipping Dimensions: 340mm x 75mm x 40mm

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