Spraycraft SP66 Retro Airbrush & Compressor Kit


  • • High-performance airbrush system
  • • Adjustable pressure
  • • For standard and metallic colours
  • • Single or Dual Action

Spraycraft SP66 Retro Airbrush & Compressor Kit

An elegant and stylish yet powerful and compact airbrush and compressor kit. As a smaller unit, it was designed to be highly portable, for use on-the-go, and easy to store.

Designed with the needs of the modern decorator in mind, this compressor operates up to 50psi allowing for traditional use at lower pressures or spraying metallics at higher pressure with the SP65 airbrush.

Compressor Characteristics

• Zero-maintenance, oil-less piston air compressor 
• Pressure Adjustable with gauge 
• Airbrush holder 
• 2m braided hose 
• Max air pressure 50psi

SP65 Airbrush Characteristics

• Large 0.5mm nozzle and needle
• Gravity feed 7cc cup with lid
• Single or Dual action

Suitable for:

• Makeup 
• Nail Art 
• Body Art 
• Hobby and Craft 
• Cake decorating 
• Model Painting 
• Art and Graphics 
• Custom Automotive 

Double Action

A method of activating an airbrush whereby depressing the trigger delivers air and drawing back on the trigger releases paint.

Gravity Feed

Gravity airbrushes have a cup in the top of the body. Less air pressure is required as the paint is drawn to the tip by both gravity & air pressure.


The Spraycraft range is a collection of great value airbrushes, ready-to-use kits and accessories for the beginner as well as the enthusiast. From easy-to-use single action broad stroke to dual action detailed airbrushing, Spraycraft offers the right solution.

In Stock

Product Code: SP66 
Product Name: Spraycraft SP66 Retro Airbrush & Compressor Kit 
Brand: Spraycraft 

Weight: 2214 grams 
Dimensions: 200mm x 210mm x 155mm 

Shipping Weight: 2410 grams 
Shipping Dimensions: 200mm x 210mm x 155mm

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